Who would win in the elections presidential if vote only those women

Who would win in the elections presidential if vote only those women
This weekend, a group of followers of Donald Trump Tweet Photomontages of female celebrities who support the Republican candidate.One of them was the actress Kirstie Alley, protagonist alongside JohnTravolta in the film “Look who‘s talking”.
But the day before, through a tweet, the famous actress announced that it had withdrawn its support for Trump, in response to the latestscandal in which the Tycoon was involved: the video where it makes lewd comments about women.
Kirstie Alley is an of many women that do not vote to Trump the 8 ofNovember. And while the candidate loses votes among women, his rival Hillary Clinton faces the opposite challenge. He struggles to capture the male vote.
To highlight this disparity of gender in supporting candidates, FiveThirtyEight, an online medium dedicated among other things to the analysis of opinion polls, made an interesting experiment.
Based is in surveys real, created a map fictitious of United States, where only vote women or men.
This is the result.
In the first case, if only vote women, Clinton would wipe in the elections with 458 votes Electoral of the 270 needed to win. In this case Trump would win only 80 votes.
El mapa de FiveThirtyEight que muestra cómo serían las elecciones si sol...
In the second case, would vote where only men, Trump would win with 350 electoral votes, to Clinton with 188.
El mapa de FiveThirtyEight de cómo serían las elecciones si solo votaran...
Apart from highlighting the importance of the female vote in these elections, this experiment we can conclude that if Trump loses the election, it will be largely because of the rejection of the female electorate.
Is a sad conclusion for a candidate that has said multiple times throughout his campaign: “nobody respects to them women more than I“,but whose attitude along them years suggests it contrary.
source: Univisión

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